What We Stand For

At Arzan Wealth, we are an investment advisory team with one vision: to be and remain the first partner of choice for our clients. As a team, we share the same core values and beliefs of integrity, professionalism and prudence. We have a partnership mindset and are focused on achieving a win-win relationship with every party we deal with. We are diligent and disciplined in our approach and measure our achievements by our overall contribution to all our stakeholders.

Our shareholder, Arzan Financial Group (AFG), is a solid and reputable institution. Our institutional and high net worth clients and our global strategic partners believe in and support our vision; and as a management-driven firm, we ensure that our interests are aligned with those of our shareholders and clients.

The Arzan Wealth team leverages extensive experience in real estate, private equity, asset management and Islamic finance, among other disciplines. We have an exclusive list of niche clientele built as the result of consistent performance, superior relationship management and a long term view. We have earned the trust of our investors through delivering above their expectations with utmost integrity and prudence. At Arzan Wealth, we are proud of our shareholders, our clients, and our partners and we will continue to grow with their support and trust.