Our Logo


The Arzan logo is, in its entirety, a brilliant example of hidden meaning in logo design. Most likely, the first thing you will notice in our logo is the curved lines shaped like a mountain from a bird’s-eye view. Arzan has an intriguing letter form in Arabic since unlike most words in Arabic, its letters are not linked. These lines have been artistically crafted to read the word Arzan ارزان in Arabic.

The second reason why the logo serves as a fine example for greater meaning embedded in a logo design, is because the definition of Arzan is reflected conceptually through the letter ‘n’ ‘ن’ in Arabic, to mirror the bowl-shaped opening at the top of a mountain and the dot on top of the letter ‘n’ symbolizes the crater lake on top of the mountain. Arzan is the plural of the word Razan in Arabic. Razan means a mountain top crater that collects and nurtures water. The symbolism of water varies for every tradition and religion but it is universally viewed as the source of life itself and denotes purity, transparency, higher wisdom, and reflection; attributes we associate with.

The Arzan logo has a strong conceptual connection with the essence of our business; it projects stability, serenity, confidence, safety and peace of mind; emotions we seek to evoke in our clients though our constant efforts to nurture their wealth and protect their future descendants.