Corporate Social Responsibility in general means an organization’s effort to work with an ethical standard and comply by all the local and international rules in relation to its employees, clients, shareholders and society at large.

The shareholders and employees of Arzan Wealth believe strongly in sharing some of our success with the underprivileged in this world. This belief comes from personal and corporate convictions that all people have an obligation to protect and nurture the segments of global society that need support and to help them become productive and impactful members of their community. Arzan Wealth has established an employee contribution program whereby 1% of employee salaries are matched by a further 1% from the company, and the combined funds donated to charity organizations.

Water for People

Inspired by the meaning of “Arzan” which are the crater lakes on mountain tops that contain the source of life, water, Arzan Wealth has selected water issues as a worthy avenue for philanthropy and donated a portion of the funds to the international water charity organization “Water for People”. We support “Water for People” due to its work in places of extreme poverty around the world, providing access to clean and safe water, in addition to meeting the basic survival needs of the poor such efforts have a tremendous impact on disease prevention and general health, hygiene and well-being.

Goodwill Caravan

Our desire to be of service to some of the most underprivileged and suffering people in this world has led to our support of “Goodwill Caravan” as part of our CSR program. Goodwill Caravan is a non-profit humanitarian charity that delivers refugee protection projects, including shelter, food, legal and medical support in the UK and Greece. Goodwill Caravan helps vulnerable refugee families, orphans, and detained unaccompanied children avoid the risks of organ trade, trafficking and kidnappings if left in detention centers, prisons or remaining homeless on the streets.

We are willing to share our ideas and experiences with any of our partners and counterparties that may be interested in supporting these charities.